Nima Tamang-Director/Photographer ( Events and Studio )/Editor

Hi, I am one of the directors and photographer and I simply love taking pictures because I feel happy to capture those special moments and present them to you to cherish them for future days to come. I began from photographing random stuffs in my childhood using my father's old film camera in days where it was not affordable, and got chased by my father for wasting his films.( haha ). Gradually, my childhood hobby transformed to profession, hence here I am now, doing what I love to do. It's not the money I focus as a photographer, but the passion and desire to capture that moment, that very special moment that you can cherish for days to come.

Thank you.

Kevin Woo- Director/Graphic Designer.

Hi, I am one of the directors and Graphic Designer  but have been undertaking resposibilites of graphic designing, post-production and managing the printing side of the company. I have been running this business for more then 10 years and have years of experiences in post-production and specialised in  Specialises in company logos, emblems & badges, for clubs, work, corporate and sports clothing. Please feel free to meet me or my team at our studio, unit 118, Broadstreet Mall Reading to see our range of services we provide from photography to custom printings and desiginings.

Thank you.

Angela Feng-Store & Marketing Manager

Hi, I am responsible for the overall store management and cloth printing factory. I will be able to enhance customer satisfaction, meet sales and profitability goals and manage staff effectively.  If you’re unhappy with our service, please let me know as soon as you can. We’ll do our best to put things right, so you can carry on enjoying your services again. We’ll also use your feedback to improve our service where we can.

Thank you.

Joezuff Limbu- Wedding & Event Photographer/Editor

Hi, I am a multi-cultural lifestyle photographer specialising in weddings, originally from Nepal now residing in Reading Berkshire. Photography is part of my soul and I feel that my camera is an extension of my vision which will be shared. In the past years I have shot weddings form eastern cultural style to western cultural style and each time with different approach and perspective.

Joezuff Photoworks

Thank you.

Birute Paukstytet  - Fashion/Glamour/product Photographer.

Hi, I am Birute, a photographer specialised in portraits and fashion photography and also have experience in product photography. I like taking pictures from simple natural portraits to high fashion studio portraits.